6 Tips to Sell Your House Fast

As the market shifts, economic uncertainty persists, and local conditions differ based on your city and neighbourhood, it’s easy to get lost in the barrage of advice for selling a home. Despite the fact that the Australian housing market in 2022 is a seller’s market, you still need to prepare your home so it attracts qualified investors and buyers.

In this blog, we’ll explore the 6 top tips for selling your home fast in 2022-23:

1) Find a Trusted Real Estate Agent: It is important to work with a real estate agent who knows your local market inside and out in order to sell your home quickly and for a higher price. Based on realtor data, homes listed without a Realtor sold for a median price, while those sold with one commanded a much higher price. Therefore, interview several agents before hiring one; because the better you get along, the smoother the selling process is likely to be.

2) Invest in Value-adding Improvements: There can be a lot to consider when investing in home improvements, and the costs can quickly add up. The key is to invest your money in projects that will return the most on your investment. Replacement of a garage door, for example, is one of the most valuable investments when it comes to ROI. Likewise, minor kitchen upgrades, such as resurfacing cabinets, replacing countertops, painting, and updating fixtures and hardware, are wise investments.

Changing outdated bathroom fixtures with more modern ones. To instantly elevate the look and feel of your property, replace stained carpets or scratched floorboards with luxury vinyl flooring and nylon carpets. Considering adding fixing locks, securing fencing, and installing outdoor lighting also will help future buyers feel much safe in the house for sale.

3) Identify the best time to sell your home: Property market timing has been shown to have a significant impact on sales. Australian data shows that property sales in November are 6% higher than sales in January when it comes to selling houses. As a result, the end of the year can be a good time to sell your house. 

4) Set a Competitive Price: By researching online real estate websites, find out what homes like yours in the same area have sold recently. Using these comparable sales, calculate the price per square foot. Be aware that you might want to raise the number if your home is genuinely more desirable or move it down if it’s less desirable.

5) Clean thoroughly & Remove Clutter: Give your property a deep and thorough clean to make it look its best and make it more attractive to buyers. Remove as much clutter as possible before taking any marketing photos. As a result of less clutter, your property will appear larger, which will increase its value. 

6) Fix Things are Broken: Home improvements don’t have to be expensive, but anything that’s broken must be fixed. Among these are problems with the electrical system, leaks in the plumbing, and flooring problems. Making sure that any flaws are fixed before viewings can help you ensure a fast sale with maximum value from your property. 

Final Thoughts:

A quality agent who understands the nuances of your local market is an important first step if you want to sell your property fast.

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